Working Out with a Toddler


Working out with a toddler around is not easy. It is yet another one of those things I found out after I had a baby is hard to manage. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day, little tasks quickly become big ones and frankly I’m tired all the time. And then comes the actual workout. If you are like me you are thinking “who has the energy to workout” when you spend your days chasing a toddler (or two) around?

I love the feeling after a good workout. I can walk into it feeling tired and sluggish and walk out energized and feeling a little better about myself. I’m not talking about the walks/runs in the park, I’m talking about the physical, let’s get pumped and energized workout. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy our time outside and mommy walking groups (they have keep me sane in some tough times).

I tried working out to videos at home, which I will do occasionally because kids get sick, but that’s the hardest for me. Getting the little one to entertain himself for a half hour is a struggle to say the least. A few minutes in and she is crying to be picked up or needs to eat even though she just ate before I started. Then comes the throwing toys at me. I would always say I’d workout while she’s sleeping but let’s be real that’s the time to get stuff done, like take a shower since it has been three days. Then there’s the option of a gym with babysitting. Not for me. We’ve all heard the stories of too many kids for the amount of staff. And once you finally get out the door from the screaming “don’t leave me mommy” someone is calling you to come change a poopy diaper. It’s a lot of effort for a short time often enough.

I was almost ready to give up on trying to workout and stick to the stroller walks in the park when I found Mommycise, a gym where you can bring your little one to workout out with you. It has been a life saver. I get a great 45 minute workout while my little one plays with other kids and a room full of toys. And sometime she joins me in my workout, nothing wrong with using your kid as weight while squatting or doing sit ups (we all need to get those ab muscles back after having a baby!) or watching her do her first plank mimicking you. Setting a good example early for a healthy living is priceless.
We still have the meltdowns and diaper changes but they are so much less and little more enjoyable in a supportive environment. Finding this place was one of the best mommy finds for our whole family (even daddy likes it that we go). And sometimes I get a good nap out of the little one. Most days are a struggle to get out the door but once I get there and get that workout in it feels good to know I am getting stronger for myself and my family.