What’s in my diaper bag!


Now that life is going to back to some normalcy after Hurricane Irma threw us all in tailspin, its a good time to clean out the diaper bag and see whats inside. First off, I love my backpack diaper bag/purse. With two toddlers in tow it has been life saving just throwing it on and going. It has a strap so it can be converted to a bag but I have yet to use it.
Now that my youngest is one I thought I would have less to carry around. Wrong! It has gotten heavier and more crowed. Of course I have the usual wallet, phone, lip gloss, keys, wipes, diapers (two different sizes) and hand sanitizer but here is what else is inside:
• Doggie Poop Bags- for those explosive, toxic poops my toddler has now that he eats everything in sight
• Wipes Clutch-it buttons on to any loop for easy access and its kind of pretty
• 3 Water Cups- one for each kid because sharing might start a tantrum and one for me
(I’m not a fan of backwash)
• Extra Clothes-Not just for the kids but for me too since unsightly messes could occur
at anytime
• 3 pairs of Socks-for those unexpected stops to the indoor play gym or the salt suite
(yes my oldest insists on going on occasion)
• Travel size-lotion, sunscreen, spot remover, kid friendly chapstick, childrens tylenol,
teething tablets, bandaids-these are all handy at any given time
• Comb and Hair Rubber Bands-both for my daughter and me
• Crayons, Markers and Coloring Pages-these have been a lifesaver in most public
• Plastic Forks & Spoons-sometimes eating out is just easier this way
• Drool Bibs-they are easier to change and smaller than a new shirt for those nasty
teething days
• Nursing Pads-those occasional leakage moments can be quite embarrassing
• Phone Charger-I hate to think what would happen if the phone died
• SNACKS,SNACKS,SNACKS-this is the one thing I have to have at all times.
Currently I have applesauce, kids snack bar, goldfish and fruity snacks. And yes, two of each. I also have a protein snack bar for me.
My diaper bag tends to be heavy but I’m not complaining. Everything has a purpose and the day I don’t have something is the day an avoidable tantrum becomes a brake down at the most embarrassing time.

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