What Happen to the Veggies (How to sneak veggies in your kids food)


Prior to being a parent I would pass judgment on a parent whose child would not eat vegetables or being a picky eater, however now after 5 years in as a full time parent I have learned just like anything although I’m relatively lucky that my child loves to each veggies there are some days my child will not want to eat veggies and instead just want to have Mac n cheese or pizza, which yet is not the healthiest, but we have to pick our battles and just come to terms with kids are still kids and may not like certain foods one day and in the same token may like those foods other days.


Here are a few tips to sneak veggies into meals and also make it fun for your child to get into a routine or eating those maybe not so wanted veggies.


* Ants on a log which consist of celery with peanut butter and raisins on top (for those with peanut allergy substitute cream cheese

* Make eating veggies fun with- Veggie bugs, ladybug crackers, butterflies , veggie rainbow for example

* Purchase or make cauliflower nuggets

* Involve them in cooking or food prep- salad in a jar, growing your own veggies at home or in a local garden

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