Walking Our Way to Overall Health


I have always been an active person and lover of the outdoors. Thankfully my three year old daughter shares my love of both. I have lived in Florida my whole life which has granted me ample opportunities to enjoy the active natural lifestyle. Unfortunately I have a long list of spine problems that has astronomically limited my active lifestyle. A few years ago I joined an amazing mom group our biggest fundraiser is a 5k supporting a local children’s hospital. We started a walking group to help the fellow participants to train, after all most of us were tired new mommies. As my doctors have limited my activities to never leaving the ground walking has become my best friend. These are just a few of the many benefits of walking; it can trim your waistline and improve your waistline. It can also help you fight off many diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. And I know firsthand it can help improve your mood. If I start my day walking especially with friends I am definitely in a better mood for the day. In a world of technology addicted people I have made a rule to only enjoy nature during these walks too, yet another benefit for my family. We also end the walks with playtime at the playground so the littles can get those wiggles out. So get out there and get moving. Go alone or reach out to other moms in your community. Set goals to improve your speed every week to input challenges you can feel good about achieving!

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