Traveling for the Holidays?


I’m a Jersey girl, living in Florida. Before children traveling back home for the holidays for me was so easy and light… Now I’m a mom of two so traveling in the winter is plain ol’ bulky! Coats, shoes, and don’t forget the safe, but dreaded BOOSTER!!! How do you manage it all?! Well I’ll let you in on a little secret, mifold!

Mifold is the most advanced, compact and portable booster seat ever invented. I was skeptical at first but after a couple of uses, I’m a fan and so is my son! It’s convenient, safe and easy to use. mifold is so compact that my son is able to carry it in his backpack, giving me one less thing to carry. It is literally your “Grab-and-Go Booster.”

How does it work? Well that’s simple! First you’ll select the correct width for your little one. (it comes with three selections) Then place your mifold flat  on the seat and have your little sit on it with their back flushed up against the vehicle’s seat. From here you’ll pull the vehicle’s seat belt through the loops. (it should sit nicely on your child’s thighs) and finally you attach the mifold shoulder clip to the vehicle’s shoulder belt. (make sure it’s adjusted to your child’s height). That’s it; now your child is in safely anywhere you go! The mifold is appropriate for any child 4 years old+, 40 – 100 lbs and between 40” – 57”.

I’m thrilled with this product and super excited to try out the hifold next! hifold is “The world’s most adjustable highback booster seat. The Unique MultiFit technology has 243 individual settings to keep your child safe & comfortable.” Check out both products on and/or follow them @mifold

You can also find their products at any of these retailers: Amazon, Target, Walmart, buybuy Baby, Nortstorm and Kohl’s. Happy shopping! You won’t be disappointed.

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