Travel tips with toddler


As I’m going on my tenth adventure with my toddler as a solo parent I have learned some great tips and tricks of how to get through both long and short trips.
Tip# 1: Pack a backpack full of several items (depending on age items may vary)
• New book to read
• Blanket
• Extra change of clothes/PJS
• Snacks
• Diapers/pull-ups
• Wipes
• iPod or some sort of devise with headphones- leapfrog, handheld game etc
• Fluffy stuffed animal
• Socks
• Card games or mini travel board games: such as Old Maid, UNO, Goldfish, etch sketch, connect 4
• Crayons and coloring books or notepad/drawing paper
• Pacifier which helps for flying- taking off and landing with their ears
• Chewing gum, or a sucker also helps with ears of children taking off and landing- for older children
• A baba or bottle, sippy cup –
• Benadryl or Tylenol: this doesn’t always help this is just a suggestion, as it can either make a child sleepy or wired (consult with your pediatrician re: Benadryl/Tylenol)
• Stroller/car seat which you can bring on the plane for instance and or check in free of charge with most airlines
Tip#2: Take photos, but also enjoy living in the moment because those moments with your child will go by in a blink of an eye.
Tip #3: Look up the weather of your destination and pack accordingly. Have extra clothes, but also remember unless you are going into a remote location miles from civilization you can buy those emergency items almost anywhere- like winter gloves etc.
Tip#4: Breathe- your child may be kicking and screaming on the flight, boat, train or car ride and just because you are given dirty looks by people just ignore them because you are doing the best you can!
Enjoy your vacation both near and far! You are making memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t sweat the small stuff!