Toy Express Grand Opening!


Last year when Toys R Us went out of business, we were extremely sad-we no longer had a store to go spend the afternoon playing with the floor models and pick out toys my son wanted to get for Christmas or his birthday. Going to stores like Target and Walmart were not the same. One day, early August, my son wanted to go Wendy’s so we drove past a new store. It looked like it was an indoor playground but the sign said “Toy Store”. We said we have to come check it out once it opened. A week later, we heard about a new toy store opening in Coral Springs, I stopped and thought: “Oh the store we saw the other day must be the new store they are talking about!” Coincidently, we received an invite to attend on behalf of Supermoms of Broward. We agreed without a second thought. 

On September 21st, my son got up super early as we were so excited to go see the new toy store, Toy Express. As soon as we hopped out of the car, we could hear the music and see balloons. We walked in and saw that like us, many others attended to see the grand opening. My son got a bit over whelmed and walked towards the back of the store, past the registers and ended up by the cool dinosaur at the entrance. We were greeted by a really sweet lady that welcomed us to the store and offered to help if we had any questions. She also helped calm my son and he continued down the isle. I saw his eyes start to get wider and wider. He had found the kitchen! He loves playing with kitchens right now because he says, he wants to be a chef at his favorite Pizzeria. He played with every single one of them and found something different in each model. He was back to the days when we enjoyed going to the toy store to play with floor models. It was great to see him enjoy it again. 

Once he was satisfied with playing chef, we were lucky to witness a little girl adopt her first baby. The doctor gave the baby her first check up then introduced the baby as Sophia to everyone. The new ‘mom’ was so happy and excited, all you could see was a huge smile with her baby cuddled up, ready to take her home and make many more memories with her new baby doll. 

After that my son started getting overwhelmed again but he had finally seen the big T-Rex dinosaur that greets you when you walk in. He was mesmerized by T-Bone. He couldn’t believe the store had a dinosaur that moved. Now he wished to get one just like it to take home, and his wish was granted. We then walked to the front and he finally saw the little playground. He rushed to take his shoes off and play. After playing, he came out and noticed the wall of candy so of course he had to get one. He of course, chose a dinosaur gummy. Since we had a birthday party to go to later that day, we got a gift card and I was sure our birthday girl would enjoy going to the new store and probably adopt a baby doll herself. As we were paying, Mayor Scott Brook walked in and it was time for the ribbon cutting ceremony. We cheered because now, we have a new favorite store to go to and have fun at. We can also buy presents for kids at one location with a large variety but most importantly, it is a place to make many more memories together with my son as he grows.