Supermoms Wacky Mac Art day!


There’s nothing better than a day off from school. Unless it’s a day with friends, arts and crafts, bingo, story time and mac and cheese!

Supermoms spent the morning at I ❤️Mac and Cheese restaurant where we had a blast glueing colored pastas on magnetic popsicle stick frames. And the creativity was endless!  Kids enjoyed picking their favorite colors, making up their own patterns and making a gift to give for Valentine’s Day or to keep for themselves.

Next up, kids enjoyed making the most fashionable noodle necklaces with vibrant colors. Some opted to make keychains or bracelets. The eye hand coordination was good practice too.

We stopped to enjoy some mac and cheese bites and cheese topped tater tots     Yum!

Everyone enjoyed each other’s company and we made some memories to boot.

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