Supermoms Community Birthday Party!


What is the biggest, most special holiday of the year? Your birthday of course! And I bet now that you have a child, THEIR birthday is THE biggest, most special day of the year. It commemorates that pivotal moment when they enter this world and crown you “Mom”. Birthday parties are filled with balloons, cake and most importantly, love. Ask any child and they will have the theme for their next party all planned out at least 6 months in advance. It is important for them to feel loved, recognized and celebrated for just being themselves and in our lives! This is why Supermoms started a quarterly Community Birthday Party for any child celebrating their special day. The idea was born out of a need after seeing stories on the news or on social media about young children being so bummed out when:

o They have special needs or struggle in social situations.
o Their parents host a party and not one person shows.
o Their family is new to the area and doesn’t know of anyone local to invite.

The list can be so much more specific (and heartbreaking), but that is where the “super” in Supermoms comes in. We celebrate children for who they are, no matter where they’re from, the number of friends they have, or if the parents have the means or wherewithal to make one happen.

Every child deserves that day of being the center of attention. Where it IS all about them. Confident kids make successful adults and we are providing a platform for families to band together and do just that.

We appreciate all who have participated as guests or honorees thus far, and look forward to seeing how this act of kindness is our way of paying it forward for our future generations. Join us in celebrating our Superkids at our next Community Birthday Party!