Sugar and sweets, Harmless or Harmful.


My daughter is three years old, her being my first child and the miracle baby I waited about 15 years for, I maybe am a little over protective. Okay maybe a lot lol
I do all the organic foods and snacks, low sugar juices or half water half juice, sanitize after every outside the house activity, very aware of our surroundings so she won’t hear or see the wrong type of things etc. etc. The one thing People picked on me (mainly my mother and sister) about giving her sweets and candy. Well as the years progressed I let up on the sugar and now I am not so sure I am happy with the results.
My daughter is already a super picky eater and I said I would introduce more things as she opened her pallet to new healthy foods. Although she eats a few vegetables, most fruits, chicken and fish but only in breaded nugget form. I have noticed her asking more and more for cookies and slushies. I am not a happy camper. I know it is inevitable, the sweets and cookies and ice cream but I just feel like the sugar addiction is very real.

So my resolution for this year will be to lead by example and remove the majority of that sugar stuff from our lives. Leave the fruits and veggies on the counter not the tin of cookies. Don’t worry I am not going all crazy just going to push the healthy choices more like I use to. Better health can never be a bad thing.

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