Stressed Out by the Holiday Season?


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well… for me it was the most stressful time of the year. The holiday season can stress out any mom as we bargain shop, decorate, bake, and cook ourselves into a crazy frenzy! Two years into being parents, my husband and I looked at our Amazon shopping cart and told ourselves enough was enough. What use to be my favorite holiday had turned into an absolute stress fest! Going broke every Christmas season is not the reason for the season.

So how did we gain back control of my favorite holiday?

First, actually pass out all those school, annual pictures you take of your kids to the family. Make it sweet and simple, buy some picture frames and use those as gifts for grandparents, uncles, and aunts. They are always asking for pictures of the kids and we are constantly forgetting. Boom! In-law gift giving problem solved!

Second, we only buy our kids four gifts each:

1. Something they want.

2. Something they need.

3. Something to wear.

4. Something to read.

They are going to get a TON of gifts from others so relax; you’ll have tons to rotate by end of Christmas day.

Third, encourage family members to assist in purchasing annual memberships to the kids’ favorite museums, the zoo, etc. Eliminates more “things” in the house and something for the whole family to enjoy. My grandmother assists us every year in renewing our zoo membership and we get a stuffed animal for each kid so they have something to “unwrap”. It’s the perfect gift that keeps on giving (and it’s not a cold!).

Don’t let this holiday season take over you. Find creative, fun, and inspiring ways to give without breaking the bank.

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