Self Care Ideas


As we all know or have figured out that having a child is an amazing and life changing event and often times we feel we loose our identity gaining a new identity. Even though we feel like we have the entire world on our shoulders taking care of oneself very is important.

Here are some great ideas of self care whether you have a few minutes each day, once a week or monthly:

* Breathing & meditation while you are in your car or at home can be useful to even try with your child/children

*Going for a walk

*Spending time by yourself

*Spending time with friends

* Nap when your child naps, as sleep is very important

* Going for a massage

*Go for a pedicure or manicure

* Make sure you go for annual checkups and if you are feeling sick for days go to the doctor

* Going to the beach, since we live in south Florida it’s awesome to take advantage of

* Crying is ok, we all have our moments and just like our children we have a right to cry! Getting emotions out of helpful!!

* Try to stay away from certain foods which may effect your moods. You may need to pay attention to those foods that may effect you.

* Have date nights out, even if it is to go take a nap in your car, go to the beach you need that time with your significant other if you have one and if not spend that time going out with friends, or go to the bookstore because it’s good to clear your mind!

* Exercise by yourself or with family because it’s good for mind, body and spirit and also sets good habits for your children as they go through life!

Many of these ideas I personally use and also have been suggested by other parents since I am a solo parent raising a child, they are most helpful to keep ourselves together because our children need us and when we take care of ourselves our children learn this and it can be very beneficial. Remember it take a village to raise a child so utilize what you can and remember we are all in this together!!