My name is Erin I am the mother of Eriana, she is a very fiesty, strong willed, impressive three year old little girl. As we progressed into the world of three our mornings and evenings started to become extremely distressing and fatiguing. As we continue or learning experience of life together, I have realized there are quite a few things I need to improve in my ownself. When they say children are mirrors of ourselves they are so right. That being said patience was first on our learning journey. She was flying off the handle when asked to brush her teeth or go potty first thing in the morning. Now let me clue you in my daughter had been potty trained for over a year at this point and had been doing these same things day after day. What I wasn’t understanding was that as she was growing and becoming more independent my telling her to do A,B and C was removing her indepence in a way. So back to the drawing board we went literaly. Through my journey I met a psychologist and fellow mom who has helped me in so many ways. She introduced me to Dr. Shefali Tsabary, who wrote many books. The Concious Parent was the very informative book that was recommended to me. Teaching us that we have to model correct behavior and to also let our little humans be little humans. That lead us to our picture routine sheets. I did two one for the mornings and one for the evenings. On this list i listed all the activities needed for us to start and end our days. I will include pictures at the end of this blog. Now before these lists we were having atleast three meltdowns before eleven in the morning! Within three days of drawing and displaying these lists we were down to zero meltdowns during our morning and evening routines. Yep you read that correctly, I said zero! I wil also tell you that they tantrums have remained quite low using this strategy for almost everything. Now I know all children are different but I hope our strategies will help your home as much as it has ours.
p.s. No judging me on my artistic abilities 🙂

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