Parenting with love and logic


One of my greatest mistakes as a new mom has been not giving my child enough credit. My son is 3 1/2 and I have only just now realized how much I can learn from him. His world is very much “black and white” and he sees things as they are. He’s not filled with idealistic conditions that limit the minds and potential of most adults.

Children are here to remind us that we weren’t born with prejudice, hate and limitations. I feel that it’s our number one job as parents to keep that child spirit alive in them. To also see that we can learn from each other. I can guide him to keep kindness, compassion and love in his heart and he can teach me to truly be present and see the world as it is.

All of this is why I believe in the concept of loving our kids with simple logic. When your child asks you hard questions, take a step back and think about how you wish it was explained to you. We can avoid so much suffering by just teaching our kids that the world is ok just as it is. That death is a part of life but so is birth. That sometimes people are mean, but that doesn’t make them bad. That even mommy and daddy aren’t perfect and when we aren’t, we have to acknowledge that and own our mistakes in front of our children so that they see it’s ok to make them because that is how we learn.

We have such a small window to make a difference in their perspective in life. Be conscious about the things we are saying to our children and be sure we aren’t passing down traits and conditions that we can’t logically explain ourselves.