Organic Food Options


I thought when my daughter blew raspberries with her first try of carrots and peas that this was just a phase,this too shall pass. Wrong! Children know what they like and what they don’t. They haven’t mastered the politeness of chewing, nodding and reluctantly swallowing when something doesn’t mesh with taste or texture, but you have and you do it because you read in some parenting magazine that this superfood has just the right amount of macro-nutrients for growing bodies. You shop for groceries and realize that you just dipped into your child’s college tuition to feed your family healthy meals for a week. Below are some tips on shopping smart and having fun while nourishing your family with good food.

One of the many benefit of living in South Florida is the weather. This means you can grow your own herbs! I would say vegetables but let’s start off small. Have you ever cooked a dish that called for cilantro? You use a couple of sprigs and the rest rots away in the fridge? Herbs really don’t require that much space or maintenance and you can pluck off what you need to avoid wasting.

My first encounter with a Farmer’s Market was when I first moved to Florida a little over 10 years ago. I knew supermarkets and bodegas (or corner stores), but farmer’s markets were just foreign to me. Some markets operate as normal brick and mortar stores (like Brothers Market or Marando Farms in Davie), I’ve also seen mega sales on produce that is close to it’s expiration but there is still a couple of days before they actually go bad. Then there are markets that are set up on weekends only (such as Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood). You can get fresh, organic produce and meats from local farmers for a fraction of the price you would normally find in your nearby supermarket.

Make a day of it because there can be pony rides, live jazz and acai smoothies to enjoy as you shop.  It’s a much different experience than being in fluorescent lighting as your child has a meltdown for wanting every box of cereal with a character on it.