Moving with Children


Packing up your home and moving even if it’s a block away is a HASSLE. Imagine that plus toting kids…. When my husband brought up the idea of moving our family 4 hours away, I thought he was nuts!!! How would we make the packing process easy and organized? I gathered some tips to share with you!

So first things first, purge purge purge. Start this as soon as you can, you’ll thank yourself later for this. This can be done room by room or go through the whole house at once. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just do it! (Tip: make three piles 1. Garbage 2. Donate to non-profit 3. Giveaway to family/friend) You will focus on this and make sure that it is out of the house as soon as possible. 

Next, gather supplies (used, free, bought… doesn’t matter just start getting them). I asked family/friends to collect boxes for me. I also checked on Facebook for someone giving them away. And get creative with things you have at home. (Luggage, duffel bags, bina) For padding, I used towels and wrapping paper. I made a moving bin and in it was: scissors, packing tape, sharpie, pen, paper and different colored tapes. 

The different colors represented each room in the new house to make unpacking easier. The movers LOVED this! I placed a strip of tape on two sides of the boxes and also on the doorway of the new home. They were able to unload everything in it’s correct room. The boxes were all numbered for me to track. I made a google spreadsheet with key items that were in the box so I knew what to open first. 

The first box I packed was my first day supplies. This is basically the essential cleaning supplies: paper towel, toilet paper, all purpose cleaner, soap etc. You should also include chargers, flashlight and  clean bedding. I also packed a snack bin because no one wants me hangry. And of course I brought my moving bin with me. I asked the realtor to have the house cleaned prior to move in but I still brought my vacuum and mop just in case. 

Okay so back to packing. Where do you start?! As a mom, I felt like I needed every single thing! But you have to start somewhere, so pick a room and get started. I hope you’re good at Tetris!!

Here are quick tips by room:

Kitchen- you can probably pack 80% of it and make due. Nest the bowls and pots/pans to save on space. 

Toys- pick their top few toys that can come in the car and pack up the rest. 

Bathrooms- pack it up quickly and only leave out the basic essentials 

Closets- you do not need every outfit… leave out several outfits and pack the rest. The things on hanger can just get a garbage bag over them for easy transfer. The dressers can most likely be left with clothes inside of them then shrink wrap it. 

Bedrooms/Living Room/Dining- you’ll find so many random things but hopefully you purged what you’re not using. Try to categorize items as best as possible and pack like with likes. 

Moving can be overwhelming, especially with kids but start as soon as you can and work a little every day! If you can get someone to watch the kids a few hours, do that! If not, you’ll have to work before or after bedtime. It’s exhausting, I feel you but staying organized will help so much. Good luck mama, you got this!

written by: Karina Jules

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