Make-up Must Haves


So back in the days, as a professional in finances, I got up in the morning I made myself presentable for the day at work. Selfcare was as easy as counting one two and three. I took a long nice shower, treated my hair with nice shampoo, conditioner and afterwards a mask, different types of shower gels and washed my face with face scrub and cleanser. Afterwards body lotion and every day a different outfit for work.

And than Motherhood hits….ahhhh…selfcare is taking a quick shower with the audience  of my son of course, brushing in a rush my hair while brushing teeth, throw on clothes, breathe and then, Make-up? I had to find a quick way to look presentable …as a mom.
Suddenly I had to modify my make up ritual, now I just have more on my morning schedule than before: changing diapers, clean up, making breakfast, get the kid ready for the day!
No longer I just had to take care of myself but also of another human being, who was now my priority one. Nevertheless I learned to still take care of myself somehow, it is sometimes challenging but I found a way to look good, with these three Make-up Must Haves which also makes me feel good.
I chose my favourite concealer to hide my panda eyes from restless nights. It is important to try different brands and always look for the absolute right shade for your skin tone, you want to cover dark circles yet look natural.  Its quick to apply with your fingertips and it just refreshens your eyes in 30 seconds. Mascara I prefer a voluminous one and extend my lashes, I prefer black but leave that to everyone else which color is preferred.  Applying it takes a bit, but for instance you can count out loud the strokes of the mascara and making the time enjoyable while also learning to count. Last touch the Lipgloss. It does not has to be shiny, Matte ones are an absolute hit right now. I prefer nude tones for myself. Done! And all that under 3 minutes, yup it is possible just needs a bit practice. Believe me, it is all worth it especially when i turn around to my son and he looks at me saying ever since: „Mama you look beautiful like a Princess!“

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