Let’s Get Thrifty!


Getting thrifty can be so much fun! And once you’re in the mindset, you can do some amazing DIY (do-it-yourself) that turn into gifts. They can be used year round and also save you some money. I read that “The happiest and healthiest people keep their minds and bodies active, and DIY activities are a perfect way to do both. Working with your hands is an easy, natural way to get your heart rate up—and who doesn’t love that empowering feeling of creating something on your own?”*
So you’re asking, “What types of gifts can I make?” or saying “I’m not too crafty.” There’s so many choices! Here are a few you can do with my go to “staple” item, a mason jar!
1. Manicure or Spa Day set. You can simply go to the dollar store to buy your items. Nicely put everything in the mason jar, tie a ribbon around it and if you’re feeling extra fancy add a tag.
2. Foot & Body Scrub. There are plenty of easy recipes online for all types of scrubs. You can make a few gifts of these in one shot!
3. Hot Chocolate set, Candy or Trail Mix in a mason jar. Nothing too fancy but something practical.
The list is endless! Just add a little creative with some paint, ribbons or even stickers and you’ll have yourself a great gift. Need a little help more help, Pinterest has plenty of ideas a well.


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