Kids Eat the Dardnest Things!


My son Noah will be 6-year-old this year and for the last 5 years, he’s ALWAYS been a very picky eater. As a baby, he never really put things in his mouth at all. I think it was probably because he was a thumb sucker and that kept his mouth pretty occupied.
A few months ago, my Mom offered to babysit Noah, while my husband and I had a date night. I was excited to hit the next foodie hot spot (I’m a major foodie!). A few hours into our date night, my mom AKA “Nonni” (as Noah calls her) calls me to tell me he swallowed a coin!

As disturbing as this was, this came as a complete shock to us, because he’s never been the kid that puts things in his mouth!!! We rushed home to Noah and immediately asked him what kind of coin he swallowed. He pointed to a dime.
I was shocked because he’s never put things in his mouth before, let alone swallow them. I do recall another metal mouth being my little brother, when he was a baby and he swallowed some weird stuff (a quarter & 2 screws). He had to poop them out and I remember my mom having to investigate his diaper every time he pooped to see if it passed (Gross, I know!)

Our biggest concern with Noah was if it had passed into his belly or could it be stuck somewhere? Did he need surgery? Will he be ok? Was my mom not paying attention? Should I be angry? Should we have been with him and then this would have never happened? So many things went through my mind! So, of course being the paranoid mom that I am, we took Noah to the ER. They took an X-Ray and saw that it had passed into his belly but it looked more like a QUARTER! The Doctors said it would eventually pass.
My husband checked his poop for days and nothing! Noah, then tells us that he pooped in school (a missed opportunity to find treasure!) We thought maybe we should just keep checking for a few more days. The treasure hunt continued…
A few days later, we took a weekend trip to Tampa and Noah had to poop in a gas station, and needless to say that was the end of our search for the quarter! We figured it probably came out the day he pooped in school.
We will never know exactly what type of coin it was. Noah has decided to stick to regular items on the food pyramid and husband and I definitely have a story to remember.

As a parent, you will come to learn that crazy things happen and they happen a lot! It’s inevitable, there’s nothing you can do about it and no, you’re not a terrible parent, don’t blame yourself and you really are doing the best you possibly can! Parenting will be scary, it will be fun, it will be stressful, it will be loving and funny. It will definitely be the best thing you will ever do and it’s forever! So, take it easy and just breathe, love, laugh, and don’t feel guilty about taking personal time!

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