Cookie Exchange Play date!


What’s the most fun thing about the holidays? Cookies, cookies and more cookies! They are fun to make, they are great to gift and the memories last a lifetime.

We had a cookie exchange play date and it was really easy to set up. Each person brings a half dozen for each attendee that comes and one half dozen for everyone to share.

At the end of the night, everyone leaves with as many half dozens that they made/bought and everyone enjoys new cookies/recipes for the holidays. The kids loved having a reason to make and eat cookies. Happy Holidays!

We made a gorgeous cookie platter to gift the office ladies at my daughters school.

We then also decorated, glued, tied, taped, applied stickers, pom poms, glitter, baubles and beads to both plastic and wood ornaments for holiday keepsakes.

It was a fun play date with a story too! We read “I am love” by Susan Verde which the kids enjoyed with hot chocolate and overnight oatmeal and waffles at Delicious Raw in Davie. Supermoms sipped on turmeric tea which was a welcomed, digestive superhero for our night.

The food was amazing, the kids were delighted and the night was a delicious success.

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