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Hey Supermoms! Hang up your cape, settle in and stroll down memory lane with me as I share with you an experience that may seem all too familiar. At the end of a tiresome day, I wasjust about ready to officially unwind when I heard the sounds of little feet coming towards me, accompanied by the “real” cry—the cry of genuine discomfort. Upon my maternal triage inspection, I discovered a rash on her belly. It was all over and looked like it had even started to spread to her thighs. I turned to the internet, scouring countless images that came with search results from “rash on child’s belly”. I posted on forums only to discover that everyone had a different opinion. I was on diagnosis overload. Was it a reaction to a bite from a spider? A mosquito? A tick? Was it an allergic reaction to something she ate? Was it the beginning of chicken pox? Is chicken pox still a thing?!

I just…didn’t…know. I researched the urgent care centers in my area while lathering her with calamine lotion. I spent all this time researching these images online that it was already past closing time. What do I do? I know her pediatrician’s answering service can relay the message and the on-call doctor will advise me to bring her in the morning. I could do that but what if the rash spreads? What if I fall asleep and it progresses to something so much worse? And how do I soothe a child for 8 hours who is in severe discomfort? Sure I can bring her to the ER and go on a payment plan for the next couple of years but this just didn’t seem ER-worthy. It was a rash and I was at a standstill as to what to do as her protector and ultimate caretaker of boo-boo’s. That is when Blueberry Pediatrics came to my rescue.

Blueberry Pediatrics is an online service that connects you with board-certified pediatricians via messaging, phone calls, or video visits depending on the needs of the situation. Board Certified Pediatricians can call you over the phone or start a video call with you, or if you prefer just message you via theirsecure messaging. This service acts like more of an extension to your existing pediatrician. You can use them as often as you’d like, especially when it’s not convenient to reach your pediatrician and you don’t want to risk illness or large deductibles from urgent cares or ERs.

Blueberry Pediatrics is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because they’re are an online service, they’re also able to provide medical care anywhere in the United States as long as you sign up before traveling. You are also equipped with a kit that is really easy to use! Both the pulse oximeter and forehead thermometer are just a single button press, and the otoscope plugs into your computer and functions just like a webcam. If you ever get stuck, they provide you with easy written instructions, videos, and can even connect you with their technical team to make sure you’re getting the most out of the kit.

The subscription is worth its weight in gold between the value and peace of mind you get with all the growing pains (literally) of each child. Yes, you heard right. Your subscription covers your entire family so I’m sure this is music to the ears of moms of multiples. As an online service, you can rest assured that your information is confidential and secured. Their service is built by former Google engineers to be secure – in the medical space, this is known as “HIPAA compliance”. Blueberry Pediatrics is HIPAA compliant: all information that you send to them is encrypted using the latest best-practice protocols and it’s also stored as encrypted data as well – that means if someone tried to steal your information, all they’d get is a jumble of numbers and letters instead of your data.

I invite you to skip the worry and frantic scrambling of trying to figure out the best course of action when your child is not well, and instead, ensure you have an on-call doctor to guide you in the right direction. To take advantage of Blueberry Pediatrics’ $20/month membership exclusive to Supermoms of Broward, please visit

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