Bambino Sitters Family Carnival


Yes it was a school night, but it was so much fun! We were invited to the Bambino Sitters
Family Carnival on October,10, 2019 at the Virginia Shuman Park

It was a quick stop after school and on our way home so we couldn’t resist. We pulled up to a colorful venue of bounce houses and tents with lots of friends we knew from school and our Supermoms mommy and me group.

First stop was the playground, of course. We met up with one of our friends already adorned with a magical unicorn on her face and told us where to go. We also waited for the balloon artist who took it to a whole new level with the most intricate ballon mermaid and cheetah sculpture you’ve ever seen! And all compliments of Bambino Sitters.

I met the Director of Field Operations who was so friendly and resourceful with portable park blanket gifts for everyone. We even scored a $50 gift certificate for a future contest for our group. Moms night out, here we come!

And just when you didn’t think it could get any better, Woody’s Burgers food truck was there serving up juicy burgers, hot dogs and chicken sandwiches. There were so many choices of other great dinner options, but I was content with my mouth watering burger. No cooking tonight!

There were so many sides to choose from and the most cheesiest Mac and cheese that just melted in your mouth. And then the desserts. Thank god the eclairs were mini!

All the staff bravely wore their sparkly white shirts with Bambino Sitters logo along with a cheerful smile as they greeted everyone, answered questions and helped to clean up.

It was a fantastic mid week treat for all families and kids. I instantly felt like I was part of a family and I am sure they will become part of mine.